Activities and Services


Mechanical engineering

Ideas are sparks that light up the passion for a project and the choice of the route that brings to its realization is always as important as the idea itself. Simulation and 3D modelling are essential tools for design and engineering and offer multiple advantages:
1. Design Optimization: The designer has an overall view and understanding of the objects …


Electrical engineering

Just Work, through its strategic partners, supply solutions for the most restrictive specifications through the knowledge of the best hazardous area certified components ensuring the compliance with most of the international standards …


Project Menagement

There could be several words to define Project Management, the one we state below is, in our opinion, the most complete.
“Project management is about planning, monitoring a control every aspect to the project, but above all is about motivation of the people involved, that collaborate to meet the targets …


Assembly and testing

Assembling and testing of units that are not part of the standard production might generate problems of work floor sharing and personnel sharing. In this case, assembling and testing outsourcing may represent the best option to progress quickly on the project and keep everybody’s mood balanced. We can either manage materials and components as free issue from the client …


Manufacturing management

Through the manufacturing process, the company realizes all the activities that allow to transform row materials in finish goods. In order to effectively and timely meet the customers growing expectations, companies have to set their manufacturing approach to the highest level of Quality ….


Planning and control

Like a navigation map, an effective control and planning system allow the top management to drive the company toward the targets, having a clear view at any time of the actual position on the map, the goal and the route.

If current position and target could be seen as easy to determine, we can’t say the same for the route, that requires capacity …


Supply Chain Management

Company performances are strictly connected to their vendors and distributors reliability.
This is why we work to create and improve synergies all over the entire network, considering both the internal department communication management and external vendor management. Master Agreements…



Several companies, even today, underestimate the role of procurement as important player in EBIT result. Recent studies show a gap among the departments that directly or indirectly have an effect on the final cost of the product, especially in small / medium companies where there is no dedicated industrialization department …