Mechanical Engineering


Ideas are sparks that light up the passion for a project and the choice of the route that brings to its realization is always as important as the idea itself. Simulation and 3D modelling are essential tools for design and engineering and offer multiple advantages:

Design Optimization: The designer has an overall view and understanding of the objects, proportions, shapes and esthetics. Sections and transparent views allow designers to analyze the internal parts of the assembly, reducing errors and time waste.
Better Communications and comprehension: a 3D model contains much more information compared to a two-dimension image, so the communication between Client and designer become more clear and friendly.
Cost Reduction: the products can be analyzed in details during its designing phase, eliminating much of the errors that in the classic 2D designing are unavoidable and usually left to the prototype phase. The first prototype so is getting closer to the final product avoiding extra cost of re-work.
Assembling and Service time reduction: 3D Models can easily generate exploded view and videos to be used in manufacturing and service.
Optimization of volumes and weight: 3D Models allow to assign material to components and therefore to determine weight and center of gravity details avoiding surprise during the first lifting operation.
Marketing: 3D rendered videos use surfaces and solid properties to offer a unique graphic and professional tool that can be completed with proper notes, vocal comments and music and become a valid marketing support for exhibitions or presentation.
Improved Use and Maintenance Manual and Spare Part Catalog: High quality level of the use and maintenance Manual and a Spare Parts catalog is usually considered as an indicator of the level of attention the company has for the post sale service. 3D Models offer a very good starting point for the graphics needed to the optimization of these tools.

Service List
Our solid partnership with two Engineering Companies with strong and documented experience in Automatic System and Industrial System allow us to offer a wide range of Design and Engineering service:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing Drawing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Field Survey
  • Use and Maintenance Manual
  • Spare Parts Catalog
  • Assembling Procedures
  • 3D Rendered Videos for Marketing and Manufacturing
  • Data Sheet
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Bill of material
  • Layout

We have an international team with more than 20 Engineers and Drafters, and are commonly work with the most important and widely used software like:

Solid Edge
Autodesk Inventor

For detailed information on our partners please open links below:

E-Tech srl
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