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The main target is to transfer our enthusiasm, share solutions and experiences, not teaching at the whiteboard. People are the best resource of the company and their motivation makes the difference. Always. Continuous Improvement does not come only because of a top management or a consultant’s wish. Processes, procedures and rules are not universal valid, they have to be tailored to the specific reality where they will be implemented, and above all they have to be understood and accepted by the team.

If you want to improve a process, listen to the people that everyday are involved in that process, collect they ideas and work with them, not for them.

Our Services swing from engineering, management and operational activities, linked one to another as shown below.



Our method follows a few simple but effective steps as shown below:

  • Current State Analysis: this step is needed to define a clear picture of the current situation. It is obtained using the following tools:

    1. Direct interview or tailored questionnaire to all relevant people involved in the process.

    2. Value Stream Mapping definition.

    3. Specific qualitative and quantitative analysis.

  • Identification of the criticality and areas of improvement: the more detailed the initial analysis is and easier it is to spot areas of improvement. Suggestions and improvements are better accepted and welcomed when they come from people directly involved in the process, not only from the top management

  • Target Definition: all targets have to be measurable and clearly defined, in order to create a steady view and a sustainable process of continuous improvement. Small targets divided by department is a key.

  • Strategic Plan and Implementation: Strategy defines the path to follow to meet the target. Build the right Team and create standard work activities help strategy support and monitoring.

  • KPI Management: A daily management of KPI is very important to stick to the target. It measures and ensures people are on track every day to achieve the target conditions.

  • Metrics and Information Sharing: A visual system is a great tool to share metrics. Success of failure in a project is an important asset of the company and have to be properly shared and used in order to fuel future success.