Manufacturing Management

Gestione Produzione

Through the manufacturing process, the company realizes all the activities that allow to transform row materials in finish goods. In order to effectively and timely meet the customers growing expectations, companies have to set their manufacturing approach to the highest level of Quality and On Time Delivery and never lose focus on product margin.
We can help companies in :

Improving top level manufacturing planning as well as daily scheduling in order to avoid waste and meet demand.
Resources and manufacturing cells balancing to avoid overloading and underloading waste.
Material requirement Management
Process standardization to increase stability and measure performances

Service list

  • Production Scheduling and Management MPS (Master Production Schedule), MRP (Material Requirement Planning), Inventory Management, Capacity Planning, Scheduling, Production Control.
  • Manufacturing Engineering: Lead Time detailed analysis, process analysis, tool management, outsourcing evaluation, …
  • Lean Production: Implementation of all TPS principles that spark in the company the Continuous Improvement mentality and elimination of waste (5S, KANBAN, JIT, SMED, VISUAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, ecc.)
  • Standard Work: Use and implementation of SWES (Standardized Work Element Sheet) to create the base for continuous improvement and KPI management.