Planning and Control

Pianificazione e controllo

Like a navigation map, an effective control and planning system allow the top management to drive the company toward the targets, having a clear view at any time of the actual position on the map, the goal and the route.

If current position and target could be seen as easy to determine, we can’t say the same for the route, that requires capacity, experience and vision. Even the easiest target could be impossible if the route choice is wrong.
The route has to be evaluated and studied, but above all it has to be tailored to the company where it is implemented and accepted by the resources involved. A KPI daily management is essential to properly control and act the implementation process.

Our target is to create control and planning system that rise from the bottom. Motivation and collaboration are key words for the implementation process. Top management involvement will fix the concepts and help in building the right mentality.

Service List

  • Dedicated System: Design and analysis of tailored system for the specific scenario; web or desktop shared solutions even connected to the ERP system.
  • Report and Indicator Management: Specific solutions to share in a Visual Management scenario, current results and gaps in real time